Please complete the form in CAPITAL LETTERS and in black ink. 

Enter competitor's age at 1st January 2022 if under 18 years.

Mark the box YES/NO for the Official Accompanist; an additional fee of £20 will be payable if Yes. 

Fees are as follows: Solo - £10 per entry 

                             Duet/Trio/Quartet - £5 per performer

                             Ensemble - £20 per entry 

Entries must be received by 13th December 2021. 

Entry fees must be sent WITH the entry form; make cheques payable to CCMF and write the competitor's name on the back. 

A current phone number is essential as it will be necessary to contact prize winners in this way. v Forms should be posted to Jane Freeman, 10 Callander Close, Cambridge CB4 2XJ.

Class times etc will be sent out in January. 

In order to keep down costs, and therefore the fees, we prefer to use email where possible so if you wish to receive these by post please enclose an A5-sized SAE with the form.

Details of Own Choice music titles will be required on the entry form.  Copies of Own Choice music will not be required in advance, except for items chosen by competitors using the official accompanist; they must be sent to Rex Freeman at 32 Warwick Road, Cambridge CB4 3HN no later than 1st February 2022.

All competitors will present a copy of their music to the Adjudicator's Clerk immediately before their performance. 

No piece may be played in more than one class. v In all groups of age-related classes (eg Pianoforte Set Piece Classes 1-5, and Pianoforte Own Choice Classes 6-11) competitors may enter only one of the classes within each group.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents or guardians, or the parents' appointees, who may be teachers.

Further copies of the form and notes will shortly be available on the Festival website:-